Augur is a decentralised prediction market platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a prediction market protocol owned and operated by the people that use it. The users can predict the next election, short a cryptocurrency or hedge against disaster. 



Zilliqa is scalable, secure and high performance public blockchain platform that enables new, innovative, decentralised solution to real-world problems. 


It is the first public blockchain platform that implemented sharding and achieved a throughput of 2828 transactions per second in its test net. 


The smart contract language, Scilla is safe by design and addresses several known security vulnerabilities in existing languages. As a functional programming language that allows for static checks and formal verifications. 

0x Protocol 

0x is an open protocol that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain. It is free, open-source infrastructure that developers and businesses utilise to build products that enable the purchasing and trading of crypto tokens. 

It aims to create a tokenised world where all value can flow freely. 


OmiseGO is a subsidiary of Omise, a leading online payment gateway service provider operating in Southeast Asia. The OmiseGO blockchain team has been involved in the Ethereum community from its very beginning—starting in 2015, Omise Blockchain Lab began research work focusing primarily on scalability.

OMG is the answer to a fundamental coordination problem amongst payment processors, gateways and financial institutions. By enabling decentralized exchange at high volume and low cost, OMG provides a next-generation value transfer service operating across currencies and asset types, and across national borders and corporate ledgers.

Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token radically improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users. It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The token can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on the BAT platform. The utility of the token is based on user attention, which simply means a person’s focused mental engagement.


BitCar is a blockchain-based platform that allows for fractional ownership in the best performing asset class of the last decade - collectable exotic cars.


For the first time the mass market will have access to this best performing asset class, which is tradable on BitCar's live auction peer-to-peer trading platform.


Additionally, the live auction platform allows users to eventually trade their way up to full ownership of an exotic, allowing them to have the option to take the exotic for themselves.


Maker is a smart contract platform on Ethereum that backs and stabilizes the value of Dai through a dynamic system of Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs), autonomous feedback mechanisms, and appropriately incentivized external actors.



The Dai Stablecoin is a collateral-backed cryptocurrency whose value is stable relative to the US Dollar. We believe that stable digital assets like Dai Stablecoin are essential to realizing the full potential of blockchain technology.


The Power Ledger Token (POWRTM) is the fuel of the Power Ledger Ecosystem with bespoke private trading applications creating Sparkz in exchange for POWRs.  Sparkz are currently purchased and redeemed using fiat currencies with individual trading platforms hosting closed-loop exchanges for energy and Sparkz.   


Bancor is the world’s first liquid token creating a decentralised liquidity network. Bancor provides a cost effective way to convert from one crypto coin to another thanks to an innovative product that involves no buyers and sellers in a transaction. 



Gnosis builds new market mechanisms to enable the distribution of resources - from assets to incentives and information to ideas. 

Gnosis Olympia is a prediction market platform that provides a playful environment to try out trading in prediction markets and be rewarded with GNO tokens for successful predictions.


Civic gives businesses and individuals the tools to control and protect identities. Split into four different specifications: 

Secure ID Platform - allows users safely access the websites and services using the Civic Secure ID.

Reusable KYC - satisfies KYC requirements with Civic’s accessible, on demand solution.

Automated Retail - automates and scales the business thanks to smart vending machines with age-verification capabilities.

ID Codes - securely verifies the business, advisory or investment relationship. 

Kyber Network

Kyber’s on chain liquidity protocol allows decentralised token swaps to be integrated into any application, enabling value exchange to be performed seamlessly between all parties in the ecosystem. It connects the fragmented tokenized world by enabling instant and seamless transactions between platforms, ecosystems and other use cases. 



Chainlink is a decentralised oracle service, which aims to bridge and connect smart contracts with data from the real world. Data outside of the network can’t be accessed on the blockchain, hence oracles are needed to function as a data feeds in smart contracts. This external data can be provided by oracles that trigger smart contract executions upon the fulfilment of pre-defined conditions. 


Loopring allows traders to have complete control of their crypto-assets. Crypto trading can happen right from the traders’ wallets, on chain. 

Loopring works by letting users create orders from their own non-custodial wallets. These orders are signed with users’ private keys but do not hold assets captive nor require token deposits. Orders are then sent to one or more relayers, or shared in a liquidity sharing network, to build customizable order books and to identify tradable order-rings. 

Order-ring settlements are completed on-chain using Loopring protocol smart contracts, which guarantees risk-free atomic transfers of tokens. 


Soar is a decentralised platform for high-quality drone content that connects customers with content creators in a secure, trustless and distributed blockchain community.

SKYM is an ERC20 cryptocurrency that:

- Facilitates the transactions of content on the Soar platform

-  Calculates the value of content for a given part of the Soar Quadtree, based on the forces of supply and demand within the Soar ecosystem

- Remunerates SkySponsors who bridge the gap between everyday drone operators and the blockchain

- Helps seed the generation of content for the Super-map


Golem is a global, open source, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access. It is made up of the combined power of users’ machines, from PCs to entire data centers.

Golem is capable of computing a wide variety of tasks, from CGI rendering, through machine learning to scientific computing. Golem’s limitations are only defined by our developer community’s creativity.

Golem creates a decentralized sharing economy of computing power and supplies software developers with a flexible, reliable and cheap source of computing power.


The Olife Ecosystem is built upon four key pillars: Payment and Commerce, Advertisements and Rewards, Personal and Professional, Proof of Stake, Proof of Economic Activity and Smart Contract. Together, these 6 core concepts propels the ecosystem and establishes synergy between digital communication and commerce sustainably.


Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open-source software project released under the MIT/X11 license. Creation and transfer of coins is based on an open source cryptographic protocol and is not managed by any central authority. Litecoin was an early bitcoin spinoff or altcoin, starting in October 2011.


Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality. It supports a modified version of Nakamoto consensus via transaction-based state transitions.


Bitcoin is a digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency. It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

Bitcoins are not physical objects, they exist in the virtual world as snippets of code, they are used as a decentralized digital currency, which many can benefit from without going through intermediaries for peer-to-peer transactions.  


Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency, it brings sound money to the world, fulfilling the original promise of Bitcoin as “Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash”. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralised development. 

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